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About Bob Donovan

Born, raised and educated in Milwaukee

Served 20 years as Milwaukee’s 8th District Alderman

Long time Chair and member of the Public Safety Committee

Past Member of the Judiciary & Legislation, Steering & Rules and Finance Committee

Past Member of the Public Works Committee

Past Chair of the Anti-Graffiti Policy Committee

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“I endorse Bob Donavan because of his ideas for making Milwaukee a safe place to live, his
collaborative approach to building back Milwaukee’s communities, and because no other candidate has worked harder to understand the challenges of this city than Bob.”

Edward Liebrecht

Retired Assistant Police Chief

“Donavan is experienced when it comes to how Milwaukee works on an administrative level. He also knows how important the private business sector is here. Talk to business leaders in this town, or neighborhood leaders. They all know him. He’s been talking to them for years. More importantly: He’s been listening better than any other alderman I know.”

Dolly Mertens

Co-Owner Wild Flour Bakery

“Please join me today in supporting Bob Donovan with a generous campaign contribution in these critical weeks of the campaign leading up to the 2022 Milwaukee Mayoral Primary. If we are going to make this city the great city it once was where young people found jobs and retired folks could afford to live, Bob’s campaign is our best shot.”

Sharon Ward

Milwaukee Tavern League

“Based on the connections Bob has made across many sectors of the city, I think he has the ability and experience needed to guide the city forward in these tough times. I believe Bob would bring to the office a new level of vigor and some much needed innovative thinking that would do this city some good.”

Pastor Marty Caldron

Milwaukee Street Pastor

“So today please open your checkbook and join me in supporting Bob Donovan in his fight to make Milwaukee a safer place to live and work. He’s the only candidate with the leadership experience to stop the decline of Milwaukee’s once great neighborhoods. We may never have a better time to change things than right now.”

Veronica Diaz

Community Organizer

“I worked with Bob for many years and can tell you that his leadership ability was unmatched.
Friend or foe always had great respect for Bob and I know that he would be the kind of mayor who would take the job seriously without taking himself too seriously. I am proud to support Bob’s campaign. Please join me.”

Mike Crivelo

Retired Milwaukee Police Department Detective, Former President Milwaukee Police Association

“We need small businesses to prosper again in Milwaukee. As a small business owner I know that we need a mayor we can trust to have Milwaukee’s small business owners as a high priority on his strategic economic plan for the city. Milwaukee needs small businesses back. We need Bob Donovan.”

Miquel Herrera

Milwaukee Small Business Owner

I’m Bob Donovan.

With your help I plan to become the next mayor of a place I call home –– Milwaukee. As a candidate in the upcoming special election to replace outgoing Mayor Barrett, I can tell you that soon you’ll be hearing a lot of words from the other candidates who want to run your city. However, my campaign isn’t founded on words or running anything. With your help I want to lead Milwaukee on a path of change. Milwaukee is at a crossroads and we’re facing many changes as a city. I understand the nature of change. It doesn’t happen overnight, but in steps we as citizens need to make together. As the only candidate with the leadership experience to understand how Milwaukee city government functions, I will lead it down a pathway of change to work better than it ever has before.

With your support I will bring major leadership changes to the mayor’s office as well, leading by experience and not politics. I’m about nuts and bolts and fixing things, not political platforms. You want safe streets, good public services and a place to work and raise a family? I promise you that’s my priority. I’m not looking to become famous as your mayor, just dedicated to making this city a better place to live and work.

I need your help. Will you help me spread the message of this campaign with your financial support? It’s to change Milwaukee. Let’s do it together.


Bob Donovan

I need your help.

In order for us to work together to get our Milwaukee back on track, I need help spreading the word from Volunteers and financially from Donors

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