Acting Mayor or a Mayor who acts?

Lip service won’t make Milwaukee safe.

In my 20 years as alderman in Milwaukee’s 8th District I caught a lot of flak from time to time. One shot my detractors never leveled against me, however, was that I was an empty suit, only paying lip service to what the folks in my district wanted. No. I was known as “Fighting Bob” for a reason. I acted on issues rather than just talking about them. I advocated for my constituents, adhered to what they wanted to get done, and then backed that up with doing it. A good alderman, or mayor for that matter, avoids making promises that can’t be kept. Worse yet, making plans that aren’t well thought out and likely to just fill in the gaps.

I believe lip service is the problem with current Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson and why I am concerned about his inability or unwillingness to do what he is promising he will do about Milwaukee’s current, critical public safety needs. Here are three important questions I would like to ask Acting Mayor Johnson:

  • As Common Council President, why have you done nothing about public safety?
  • You’ve known for months you would be Acting Mayor, but you gave no thought to a plan?
  • With no plan how do we know you won’t just be scrambling for a plan just to have one?

Milwaukee residents are being plagued by shootings, carjackings, a record murder and car theft rate. They can’t wait any longer for a public safety plan that may be nothing more than lip service to a problem that has plagued the city for years. Johnson’s lack of preparation shows he’s not prepared to be elected mayor and is likely to further the widespread recklessness and violent crime we see across Milwaukee. I’ve had a public safety plan out there for years—a plan that will bolster and support our police department, a plan that will strengthen the safety of our neighborhoods, a plan that will go after violent criminals and hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law!

It’s time to quit listening to empty suits and their tired old lip service to things that should have been done years ago. Milwaukee doesn’t need an “acting” mayor. Milwaukee needs a mayor who is ready to act today with a plan for public safety that is well thought out and ready for implementation. Download my plan for public safety. Go to: to learn more about public safety in Milwaukee and get involved in taking our streets and city back!


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