Chaos walking?

“Hey Milwaukee … where’s the outrage?”

Milwaukee is a city in chaos. Stolen vehicles. Rampant gun violence. Drive-by shootings. Did you know that the number of stolen vehicles in Milwaukee already exceeds Chicago so far this year, a city five times the size of Milwaukee? Where is the outrage and who is leading this city? Enough is enough. Milwaukee needs leadership before this city becomes chaos walking with no end in sight. Crime is strangling the life out of our city and no one downtown seems to care. The Mayor’s Office is not a way station on the road to an ambassadorship or a training ground for new recruits. Mayor Barrett checked out years ago, and acting mayor Johnson obviously has no idea what he is doing, or the city wouldn’t be in such a mess. We need leadership who not only knows the details of the job, but also how to govern, how to legislate, and how to collaborate with all stakeholders from the get-go. It would seem that the outgoing mayor doesn’t care. The acting mayor isn’t ready, and the other candidates for mayor, Sheriff Lucas and Public Safety Chair Dimitrijevic, are more interested in making sure prisoners at the County Jail are treated as “persons in our care” or that “climate change” is tagged as the city’s chief safety concern. Really? Add to this chaos the fact that County District Attorney Chisholm continues to stir the mix with his policy of deferred prosecution and excessively low bail, Milwaukee really is chaos walking. Who really is in charge?

I can’t believe how much Milwaukee has changed since I was on the Common Council and proposed a commonsense public safety plan in 2016 that might have avoided much of the chaos we are going through right now. Milwaukee needs that kind of leadership now to put this chaos in the rear view mirror where it belongs. Chaos walking is not acceptable anymore. You and I want the same things – safety in our neighborhoods, public officials we can trust, jobs that support our families, homes we are proud of, and a community that people want to live and raise their children in. We need to stop the population decline in our city, and public safety is certainly one of the key reasons so many have left our city. As mayor, your well-being and your future will be my highest priority. Let’s bring leadership back to Milwaukee before it’s too late.


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