“Dear John. It’s time for you to go.”

Dear John,

You and I have been friends for years. I enjoyed working with you as 8th District Alderman and over the years, although we shared different opinions at times, we worked well together. But, I have to tell you John, things have changed. I have to agree with the voters of Milwaukee, and they’re telling me you’ve got to go. I think it’s time to say goodbye John.

Our relationship was always built on honesty. That’s why I thought we could do good things for the City of Milwaukee; always from a level of honesty and putting the citizen first. But, you’ve changed John. I can’t trust you any more. Here’s why. You aren’t being honest. When things go wrong, you blame someone else, even try to coverup. Your investigation into the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy? That’s just blowing smoke. The fact is you and your office are releasing dangerous criminals back into society as a matter of policy and not incidental to this law or that judge. You keep grasping at straws to diffuse the blame. Case backlog? Covid? The truth is your department is inefficient with only a pitiful 40% prosecution rate on cases charged. Admit it John. You really screwed up this time and you and your department can’t fly under the radar anymore. Innocent kids and moms have been killed and the entire city, state and nation are up-in-arms.

Your low-bail policies not only broke confidence with friends like me, but broke confidence with every voter who elected you County D.A. in the first place. They trusted you to protect them and their families. I trusted you too. Not any more John. I have to side with the voters on this. It’s time for you to leave. You took an oath of office just like I did to protect and defend the citizens you serve. You broke that oath, so it’s time to pack up and go John. You will always be my friend, but I can’t work with you anymore. I plan on winning the upcoming mayoral election; if elected I will have to ask you to resign. So, do it now John and everyone in Milwaukee County and Wisconsin will be better served.                             

Bob Donovan


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