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5 Things Mayor Bob Donovan will do?

  1. Work with an open mind. A well-informed citizen with a good idea makes my job easier. A good mayor seeks good ideas from the people they serve.
  2. Focus on responsibilities and not politics. I’m about nuts and bolts—ensuring the streets are plowed, the parks are in good condition, streets are safe and the library stays open. You don’t need to be a Democrat or Republican to be responsible.
  3. Be a good citizen. I live in the city, shop here, recreate here and walk my dog here. I follow the same rules you do because like you, Milwaukee is my home.
  4. Keep the process moving. Unlike state and national government, keeping city services moving ahead in a timely fashion makes being a mayor a lot more fun than being a governor or president.
  5. Understand the nature of change. Change doesn’t often happen overnight. It happens when we decide something doesn’t work well and it’s time to repair and or replace it.

5 Things Mayor Bob Donovan won’t do?

  1. Make unrealistic promises. I can’t wave a magic wand and suddenly make businesses move into the city or make jobs appear out of nowhere. My tool of choice is a wrench, not a wand.

  2. Focus on becoming famous. Cities need things like sewers, roads and parks. They’re all great. Some are expensive and others just cost money. None of them need to be named after me.

  3. Tell you I am not available. Mayors take vacations. They also sleep at night. I will do those things and let you know when I am fishing or taking a trip to see my grandkids. You can assume I will be sleeping at some point each night.

  4. Pretend that good things don’t cost money. No matter where I go or whom I talk to, people tell me that their taxes are too high. The second thing they do is list all the things Milwaukee needs. I won’t fudge on budgets. If it costs money it will be in budget.

  5. Run things. I don’t plan on running Milwaukee. There is a long list of people who already do that. People elect mayors to lead government, not run it.

Authorized and Paid for by Bob Donovan For Mayor, Steve Smith, Treasurer