Is violence in Milwaukee a symptom of poor leadership?

“Milwaukee’s lack of leadership is taking this City over a dangerous cliff.”

Headline: “9 Shot, 3 Dead Following Another Violent Night in Milwaukee”

The ongoing chaos in Milwaukee is merely a symptom of its biggest problem–a lack of leadership.

Back in 2016 when I was a candidate for mayor I went through the laundry list of Milwaukee’s challenges at that time. I said its biggest challenge was the ‘timidity of leadership.’ Nothing has changed since then other than it’s gotten much worse. Milwaukee’s leadership void is as wide as the Grand Canyon and getting wider by the day. Let’s face it, if the chaos in Milwaukee was occurring in Brookfield, the governor would be camping out along with the National Guard until things improved.

Sadly, when it occurs in Milwaukee all we hear from our leaders is a communal yawn. The citizens of Milwaukee deserve much better. Out-of-control violence, reckless driving, car theft, city department dysfunction, and looming fiscal insolvency demand attention. Milwaukee’s lack of leadership is taking this City over a dangerous cliff. We need leadership partnering with the private sector and the faith community in Milwaukee; and a plan the citizens of Milwaukee can support and have faith in.

I’m not holding my breath in regard to the current City leadership making the changes that Milwaukee so desperately needs. As mayor I will LEAD and fight for all Milwaukee residents. I will partner with the private sector and the faith community to put a plan in place to address Milwaukee’s problems. The time has come to cast away the usual failed approaches to our city’s many serious problems, and elect a leader who will implement a bold plan to improve the quality of life throughout ALL neighborhoods in Milwaukee before it’s too late.


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