Thank you Mayor Barrett for your service.

As the U.S. Senate has now approved the appointment of Mayor Tom Barrett to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the mayor for his many years of service not only to the City of Milwaukee but also as a congressman and State Representative. I appreciated my opportunity to work with Tom during my long tenure as 7th District Alderman. Although we often differed on viewpoint and tactics, the times worked together to serve this great city will always be memorable to me.

Along with the citizens of Milwaukee I wish the Mayor the best as he begins his new duties serving all of us as our ambassador to Luxembourg. Now I believe there is a new day coming where Milwaukee will start afresh with new ideas and strategies to attack the work that yet remains to be done. That is why I am looking forward to this campaign to be your next mayor. There will now be a Spring election to determine who will replace Mayor Barrett; and therefore a primary within the next few weeks to determine the two candidates to stand in the Spring election. With your support I will be on that Spring ballot. There will be many leadership challenges in the days, months and years to come for Milwaukee, and I am excited to bring my ideas for meeting those challenges before you, my fellow citizens of Milwaukee.

You and I want the same things – safety in our neighborhoods, public officials we can trust, jobs that support our families, homes we are proud of, and a community that people want to live and raise their children in. As mayor, your well-being and your future will be my highest priority. I am asking for your support in the upcoming primary election. Let’s get Milwaukee moving in the right direction.


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