Time for City Attorney Spencer to resign?“

The City Attorney’s office is so off-track,no one is on the train anymore.”

Enough is enough. The City Attorney’s office is so off-track, no one is on the train any more. How many more resignations will it take before the mayor asks for City Attorney Spencer’s resignation? After months of turmoil in this important city office, it’s time someone call for City Attorney Spencer’s resignation. I am on record Spenser needs to go.

When recently hired Attorney Christian Thomas revealed that Spencer had demanded he write a memo documenting the failings of recently-departed attorney Naomi Gehling, who had accused Spencer of sexual harassment, that should be the last straw, the one that ought bring to bring closure to Spencer’s tumultuous tenure as the City Attorney. Unfortunately we’re only hearing crickets from the Mayor’s office. Spencer’s actions are retaliatory and harmful, not to mention abusive. Departed Attorney Gehling’s accusation that Spencer has created a “toxic and hostile work environment” is alarming and needs to be addressed and not covered up. This kind of behavior has no place in a city attorney’s office. I personally applaud attorney Thomas’s decision to resign and “not be party to it.”

I understand that dozens of staff members have left Spencer’s office since he became City Attorney over a year and a half ago. I agree with Milwaukee Alderman Michael Murphy finding the situation “shocking and disturbing.” Finally, I can’t understand how the important work of the City Attorney’s office can be efficiently conducted when honest employees like Attorney Thomas are badgered to consume his valuable time undertaking inappropriate requests from the City Attorney.

I respectfully ask Attorney Tearman Spencer to resign as City Attorney immediately. Milwaukee deserves better than this.


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